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Welcome on our Homepage We are a Construction company based in Malden, Holland.  Our construction company is active in Germany and the Netherlands. Our core business lies in the execution of Brickwork and Concrete work.    EU CorrectBau GmbH works for hirers spread throughout Germany and the Netherlands. We are currently working with an extensive team of employees of Dutch, German, Poole and British nationality.     To execute our commands we are constantly looking for professionals who support us in this. Self Employed  bricklayers , shuttering carpenters and concrete workers   per can be deployed directly on one of our construction  projects. (Agreement work and day work)   Are you interested to work as a subcontractor or dayworker for  DN Bau GmbH in the Netherlands or Germany  please contact us.  Or register you through our Aplication forms.    Subcontractors / Self employed tradesman  Aplication frorm Job Vacancies  Aplication frorm   Brickwork:  See types and examples Concrete work:  See types and examples   Urgently required in The Netherlands: W e l d e r s   a n d   P i p e f i t t e r s For more information click here.   Or call: 0049 (0) 28238798271
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